BMB launches £2m YES YOU CAN campaign for Batiste dry shampoo and new Stylist range

1BMB is grabbing life by the hair in a new global campaign for Batiste, which shows young women saying yes to life’s spontaneous moments and styling them out with confidence.

The new £2m+ Yes You Can UK campaign shows real women facing and overcoming everything that life throws at them, blagging their way through it all with a little help from Batiste. ‘From working late to hot date’ or even ‘looking half decent at morning Pilates,’ the message is that with Batiste in your hand: ‘YES YOU CAN!’.

The campaign bucks the trend of the conventionally bland and unrealistic representation of women in beauty advertising.

2The campaign marks BMB’s first work for the brand since winning the ATL account and will run across TV, interactive VOD, social media and online channels. The campaign kicks off with TV in the UK and will be seen in over 60 countries around the world.

Batiste is owned by multi-national Church & Dwight Ltd who also own such brands as Arm & Hammer, Pearl Drops and Femfresh.

Jo Marshall, Group Marketing Manager, Batiste, said: “We know that for modern women their hair is important but it comes second to fun, life, and work. Our new Stylist range of products are easy to use and instantly transform our consumers’ hair, making long drawn out styling routines a thing of the past. The campaign is fun and engaging and brings this to life in a way our consumers will relate to.”

Jay Pond-Jones, creative director at BMB, said:

Tropical“The Batiste account offered us a unique opportunity to inject some much needed humour into the often predictable world of beauty advertising, to create an authentic, relatable and tongue-in-cheek tone for the brand. Batiste lets women grab life by the hair and style it however they want, and we hope by showing this, our new YES YOU CAN! campaign captures the energy and humour of young women around the world.”

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