Draftfcb Goes Gangnam Style for Nivea

Draftfcb China has produced a new twist to the gangnam-style dance craze in a new national television campaign for Nivea.

Supporting Nivea Men Moisturisation Cream, the new TVC is aimed at attracting men to moisturise their skin as the China winter arrives with the potential for frozen-dry faces. The commercial shows action that mimics the now-globally famous gangnam-style dance action, with the twist being “jiang nan style”, which means – frozen men’s style.

“The new TVC presents Nivea Men Moisturisation Cream in a fresh new light,” said Draftfcb’s ECD for Nivea Andy Chan. “The Gangnam craze remains highly popular across the nation, particularly with younger men who are our main target market with the new work.”

The new 15-second TVC will run on major channels including SMG, CCTV, HNTV, JSTV, HNPSTV and JSPSTV.

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