Duracell name Pathfinder 23 and Synthrone eCommerce partner for Europe, India, Middle East & Africa

Duracell have appointed Pathfinder 23 as their Europe, India, Middle East & Africa eCommerce Partner responsible for brand building within 80 eRetailer platforms in 30 markets worldwide. The Pathfinder 23 offering for Duracell is integrated with Synthrone – an eCommerce performance tracking & eContent implementation tool.

Both Pathfinder 23 and Synthrone are part of Brand New Galaxy, an independent platform, which aggregates marketing services, agencies and technological start-ups.

“We chose Pathfinder23 and Synthrone as this is a unique offering on the market, based on synergy between human expertise and tools automation, that enable us to simplify greatly our eCommerce operations end-to-end within our regional brand presence and its acceleration online,” says Julien Joannais, Associate Director International Head of eCommerce at Duracell.

Kamil Przybyszewski (Client Service Director) will be leading the integrated team of PF23 and Synthrone tailored-made by Brand New Galaxy for the Duracell account.

“We want to combine the unique knowledge of our eCommerce experts in Pathfinder 23 with advanced eCommerce technology from Synthrone, in order to make Duracell a true world-class eCommerce benchmark,” says Przybyszewski.

Pathfinder 23 is a global eCommerce agency focused on brand building in eCommerce, servicing also Coty consumer beauty brands among other global Clients.

Synthrone is an End-to-End eCommerce solution, which helps brands in the entire eCommerce path, from eContent storage, through eContent creation, localisation, implementation and performance tracking.

Source: Pathfinder 23

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