Einstein explains the positive impact of smart meters

In the latest instalment of the Smart Energy GB campaign, we enter Albert Einstein’s living room and meet his neighbours, Ed and Kim, and dog, Chico, while he shares an impassioned speech on how smart meters can help Britain become less reliant on imported gas.

In the context of the current energy crisis, Smart Energy GB research has found that the role that smart meters could play in helping Britain to be more self-sufficient with our energy supply, and less reliant on other countries, is appealing to audiences that traditionally reject smart meters. 

Centering on the traditional British ritual of ‘tea and biscuits’, the imagery and music used in the film combine to support the message that smart meters could help Britain to use more British wind and solar energy. Even the biscuit jar is in the shape of the iconic and recognisable red telephone box. The film also features David Schaal, known for playing Jay’s dad in The Inbetweeners. 

While Einstein has his neighbours over for tea, each time he opens the biscuit jar, it plays an eight-bit version of a British anthem, compelling the scientist to deliver a rousing speech on how smart meters could help Britain rely less on imported gas. He shares information about how smart meters help manage energy use throughout the day, helping to create a future that’s less reliant on imported gas and uses alternatives like wind and solar energy from Britain.

With 30-second executions running on TV, Broadcaster VOD, AdSmart and YouTube, the ad is supported by radio spots as well as complementary social and display ads, produced by Gravity Road. 

Chris Taggart, Director of Marketing at Smart Energy GB said, “With Britain’s future energy security now a part of the national conversation, it’s a great opportunity for Einstein to highlight the role that smart meters could play in helping the country be more self-sufficient in energy. With his trademark good humour, Einstein is the perfect person to help explain this complicated but powerful potential future benefit”.

Jamie Chang and Rachel Tweedy, Creatives at AMV BBDO said: “Our brief was to deliver a distinctly British message to an audience skeptical of smart meters. And what’s more British than tea and biscuits…. that’s right, a biscuit jar that plays a rousing version of Land of Hope and Glory. Even Albert Einstein couldn’t help getting lost in the moment as he explains how smart meters could support Britain’s energy security in the future”.

Source: AMV BBDO

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