Elmwood’s Christmas Winter Window Display raises money for children born limb different

Elmwood, one of the world’s most effective brand design consultancy, has officially launched its Winter Window display at its Leeds headquarters to raise over £1500 for children born limb different. Created by the agency’s designers, the window display tells the story of a young girl who uses the power of imagination to bring her friends and family together at Christmas, proving that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

For the past few years, Elmwood’s Leeds designers have used their creativity to support the community at Christmas. This has included several Winter Workshop popup shops selling creations from Elmwood’s designers with all proceeds going to charity.

This year’s Winter Window has been dedicated to the Covvi Foundation, part of Covvi, and supported with a charity auction. So far, the auction has raised over £1500 for the Covvi Foundation, which aims to provide disadvantaged children born limb differently with much-needed support throughout their life with cutting edge prosthetics. Prothetic devices currently available on the market are costly and not tailored to individual needs.

The Covvi Foundation raises funds and awareness for those in need. Covvi is a client of Elmwood and manufactures and distributes of the most advanced upper-limb prosthetics and bionic hands in the world. The prosthetic will be available worldwide in 2019.

The charity auction was supported by friends and neighbours of Elmwood’s Leeds studio with donations from: Slingsby of HarrogateSunken Studio CeramicsWensleydale CreameryLeeds PlayhouseYorkshire County Cricket ClubTaste Ltd., Gravity TrampoliningNorth Brewing Co.The Lost Fox Screen PrintsNorth Star CoffeeThe Royal Armouries Museum, and Elmwood’s designers Martyn Hayes, Ruth Wood and Adam Garbutt.

The window display will remain open to the public for the remainder of the year and can be visited at 105 Water Lane in Leeds. Donation to the charity can be made here.

Source: Elmwood

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