Guardian Jobs rebrands portal with new values-led campaign

Guardian Jobs is launching a new marketing campaign to highlight its rebrand and unique values-led offering for recruiters and job seekers.

The campaign seeks to highlight how Guardian Jobs’ unique portal helps clients find the right people for roles. Guardian Jobs is rooted in deep specialism across multiple sectors, attracting established and growing job seekers who share in its progressive values and are engaged with the world around them.

Guardian Jobs goes beyond simple job listings and uses a values-led approach to connect organisations with the right passionate and driven individuals who qualities, skills and ideals match.

The marketing message focuses on this importance of like-mindedness between employer and employee, and aims to give Guardian Jobs a personable approach, connecting people who believe in a world of work that can enrich lives.

The multi-media campaign will run across display, press, paid search, email, social and podcasts across the UK. The campaign creative, designed with in-house agency OLIVER, makes use of wordplay, adopts a light-hearted tone and features illustrations by long standing Guardian collaborator Matt Blease to cut through the competition in the job search market.

The strapline ‘Find a job where you can be you’ appears on one ad, focusing on two thumb-prints high-fiving each other; another has a box of matches branded ‘Happy Matches’, encouraging people to ‘Spark something great’.

Gemma Hennen, Director of Sales and Marketing at Guardian Jobs, says: “Guardian Jobs is powered by the UK’s most trusted newsbrand, and has a long and successful history of attracting the most progressive job seekers and exciting companies. The new campaign personifies the Guardian’s own emphatic, progressive values, assuring job-seekers and employers that Guardian Jobs can find them their perfect match. We are a truly unique portal in the jobs market that focuses on ensuring brilliant people can thrive in companies that match their values and ambitions.”

Sam Jacobs, Creative Director at The Guardian’s in-house OLIVER team, says: “They might not seem too similar at first glance, but the worlds of work and romance have more in common than you would think. So when we were pointing Guardian Jobs in a new creative direction, we drew from our experience of working on the Guardian’s dating site, Soulmates. We learned that finding someone who shares your values makes for a happy match – since The Guardian’s a specialist in that field, employers and employees are both more likely to find people and companies whose values align.”

This is the first campaign under new Guardian Director of sales and marketing, Gemma Hennen, who started in June 2018.

Source: OLIVER

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