Hendrick’s Gin Launches Global Brand Sites Across America, Canada and Europe

Super premium gin brand Hendrick’s Gin, has launched new websites for five of its key markets – UK, USA, Canada, Spain and Germany.

The Global Brand Team worked with their lead creative agency Quaker City Mercantile on the creative designs, Edinburgh-based 8 Million Stories on SEO and UX & digital agency DotLabel to ensure the new websites stayed true to the Hendrick’s brand whilst offering search engine optimisation across devices, bespoke and immersive user journeys and improved user experience.

Matt Oxley, co-Founder & Director of DotLabel comments: “Hendrick’s Gin is such an inventive brand with a strong identity and it has been a great collaborative project between leading agencies to offer customers a smooth online user experience when engaging with the brand. The new websites are tailored to specific markets allowing Hendrick’s Gin to target their audiences with relevant promotions & events even on mobile devices, without compromising on the quality of the powerful illustrations that define the brand.”

This is the latest project DotLabel have undertaken for Hendrick’s Gin, previously having worked on digitally supporting the brand’s L.E.V.I.T.A.T.R.E campaign at Canada’s Nuit Blanche live event in September 2017.

Celine Weldon, Global Content & Connections Manager at Hendrick’s Gin says: “It was important to us to address a number of factors in this project. We wanted to open a window into our unique brand world but also give a feeling of personalisation with our customers in each of the countries. All three agencies understood our goals from the start and, by bringing together their expertise, we have launched a revamped presence which is unique to us and serves the right content for our consumers in these five key markets.”

Source: DotLabel 

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