Hometown London launches a new global TV campaign for 888poker

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Hometown London has launched a new global TV campaign for 888poker geared toward attracting recreational poker players to the brand. Casual players love playing for the thrill and fun of the game, rather than just for the win. Using this insight, Hometown developed a campaign which reflects this desire to play

Entitled “Live the Game,” the campaign is launching with TV spots in the UK, with plans to target other markets in due course. Three different adverts have been filmed, each featuring players engaged in a fun battle of one-upmanship.

The friends are always looking for an excuse to compete with each other on the poker table and beyond. They emulate the decisions made in poker in whatever game they’re playing. They live the game wherever they are but the winner isn’t always the player who has the most impressive skills – it’s the one who plays the right hand.

“The idea behind the concept is that for true poker players, the dynamics of poker are reflected in everything they do – it’s how they view the world,” said 888 PR and Marketing Director Sivan Finn Shalev. “Whether they are in a dance-off, diving into a pool or even just chilling on holiday, they love to outplay each other in whatever game they’re playing. They live and breathe the game.”

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David Gamble, Creative Director, Hometown, said: “We wanted to move away from the gambling industry’s standard of neon CGI poker ads to create something stylish and sophisticated – without being staid – and the campaign does this brilliantly.”

The Live the Game ads were produced by Hometown, with the first spot, “Dance Off,” showing three players transition from playing poker to competing on the dance floor. Each tries to outdo the other, using poker philosophies in so doing.

The second ad is entitled “Bar Tricks” and the players again apply poker strategy when attempting to out do each other while performing various tricks. The theme continues in “Dive,” the third advertisement that shows the players are thinking in terms of poker when contemplating raising and going all-in when diving into a swimming pool.

The ads were shot in Cape Town and directed by David Lodge at RSA.

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