“I AI”:  Globant’s New Commercial of the saga “Stuck in Consultancy” Playfully Pokes Fun at AI Trendiness, Highlighting the Track Record of the Company

The new commercial, which was developed by the creative agency GUT, lays out—with sarcasm—how these days, many consultancies are trying to keep up with the AI trend. It highlights the importance of Globant’s deep expertise in bringing together Artificial and Human Intelligence to deliver unique and innovative solutions.

Globant, a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technological solutions, announced today the launch of “I AI”, its new commercial from the “Stuck in Consultancy” saga. Developed together with the agency GUT Buenos Aires, the ad uses sarcasm to expose consultancies that want to quickly jump into the AI world.

AI is generating a vital revolution—transforming the present and future of business and our daily life. It has already proven its power to reinvent organizations and industries positively while increasing their human capacity. With vast expertise in developing digital experiences and delivering AI-based solutions, Globant cleverly employs humor in this commercial to talk about this trend and emphasizes the importance of bringing together the best of Artificial and Human Intelligence to become the most innovative partner.

“As part of the ‘Stuck in Consultancy’ saga, this new commercial not only showcases Globant’s commitment to challenging traditional norms and paving the way for innovative solutions but also draws upon our extensive experience in the field”, claims Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer at Globant. “If you bring together AI knowledge with great teams that understand the potential of the technology and the needs of each organization, you get a unique partner that delivers truly exceptional experiences.”

“We have been building our AI portfolio since 2015 with the AI Studio and products like Augoor, Genexus Next, StarMeUp, and MagnifAI. All of them speak to our deep knowledge and experience to create value for organizations worldwide,” adds Martín Migoya, CEO and Co-founder at Globant. “We will continue to scale up our Artificial and Human Intelligence power to influence every area, industry, and business for the better.”

Furthermore, Matías Lafalla and Ramiro R.Gamallo, DGC & Partners for GUT, add: “In the world of consultancy, it is common for brands to work with more than one consultant over the years—even simultaneously. From the agency, we took on the challenge of collecting previous experiences that Globant clients had with their competitors, and we recreated them with an ironic, humorous tone.”

Globant’s focus on AI started back in 2015 when it first launched a specific AI Studio and started investing in several strategic initiatives. During this time, the Company has introduced and evolved key products and platforms deeply rooted in AI, such as StarmeUp, Magnify, Augoor and Genexus Next. Complementing our product portfolio, Globant has also consolidated its AI-offering and initiatives into an end-to-end program called MINDS to have a solid outlook on best practices across several industries.

Source: GUT Buenos Aires

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