Metropolis teams with VURoll for their #MyHealthMyUmbrella campaign

Metropolis, one of the leading diagnostics companies in India, by revenue, successfully concluded their #MyHealthMyUmbrella online campaign recently with 1.7 Million impressions.

The campaign was executed end-to-end by VURoll, India’s first multi-channel, DIY social media engagement platform. Metropolis Healthcare launched the Umbrella Handshake movement with the aim to create awareness about the importance of preventive healthcare among people who lead a time-constrained and stressful life.

Umbrella was chosen as the inspiration for the campaign as it provides protection from various elements of nature and offers shield from illnesses.

Each year, millions of people die of preventable deaths. Studies show, there are high priority of prevention of diseases if diagnosed on time. Metropolis provides comprehensive diagnostic services and patient education on preventive healthcare in India. The Umbrella Handshake campaign is another step in this direction from Metropolis.

VURoll executed the campaign end-to-end starting from choosing influencers on the basis of their reach and demography, managing campaign and finally deriving results. The influencers were asked to create awareness videos using Umbrella as a Prop for a handshake.

The campaign was promoted by top health influencers like Dr. Maletia Jangra, Sejal Jain, Jaey Gajera and Jaymin Shah and reached 1.7 Million people in a short span of time. More than 2 lakh people were engaged with 5 lakh views for the campaign videos.

Viraj Malik, Co-Founder, VURoll, said, “VURoll has been built in a way that it provides extensive analytics to the brands while remaining extremely user friendly. Our algorithms help brands choose influencers most relevant to them using filters of demography, age, reach and vertical. it’s great to see our platform enabling new conversation, excited to see the next phase of brand – consumer interface.”

Talking about the association, Piyush Kumar, CMO, Metropolis, said: “Preventive healthcare has gained more and more importance over the decades because of stressful and in active lifestyles. Young and old, alike, need to keep a constant check on their inner health metrics nowadays. #MyHealthMyUmbrella was aimed to educate people about the benefits of preventive health checkups. VURoll provided us the platform to tap into our preferred influencer network to spread the word and achieve our aim of reaching out and sensitising over one million people.”

VURoll also recently got engaged with Sony Music and successfully executed their “campaign Imaginarium”, a live art show for kids and families. Through this they managed to reach more than 260,000 kids and parents, significantly increasing Imaginarium’s presence across the country.

Source: VURoll

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