Microsoft’s Bizarre, Surprisingly Funny Ads For Windows 8

As much as we dislike and mock Microsoft and its Windows OS, we hate to admit that its latest ads created to promote Windows 8 made it hard to stifle a laugh.

To promote Windows in the Asian market, Microsoft created a series of ads for its campaign entitled ‘Windows 8 Training Camp’.

The spots hilariously highlight the product’s benefits through ‘real-life’ competitions—with Windows represented by a human competitor.

In ‘Makeup’, ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Piano’, men and women are seen taking part in goofy competitions, such as carving watermelons, applying makeup in the fastest span of time, and playing piano while playing butt table tennis—to send the message that Windows 8 is “beautiful and fast”, “the power of touch”, and for “work and play”.

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