New Hefty campaign reinforce craft and the ability to turn the most crazy creative ideas in sound

Hefty, the Brazilian audio producer led by Edu Luke, reinforces the meticulous character of its work with a new creative concept, presented in their ad campaign. Created by Rapp Brazil, the strategy brings Luke himself as protagonist in a totally unusual environment, designed to illustrate their ability to make happen any crazy creative idea in sound.

Under the signature “Sounds like the unreal thing”, the ad shows a ludic scene with a dragon dumping an enormous jet of fire in a stone. Behind it, the Hefty leader appears to capture the purest sound, instancing the concept that the studio can bring any sound idea to life, regardless of its complexity.

Taking the graphic piece production to the next level, Rapp called the artist Paulo de Almeida, one of the leading international experts in dragon design, from the Magma Studio, Dubai. The work brings a mix of still, 3D techniques, and Luke’s real image, captured by the awarded photographer Wel Calandria.

“The campaign was designed to illustrate what happens in Hefty’s day-to-day work: bringing to life the most unrealistic ideas, transforming them in sounds that are fundamental to a killing creative campaign,” Felipe Andrade, creative director at Rapp Brazil, said.

“With this new ad and signature, we reinforce the position of our studio in having its main professionals on the front of any job, making it happen”, adds Edu Luke.

Source: Rapp Brazil

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