Pearlfisher Challenges the Sports Drinks Category with the Launch of New Coconut Water Brand, Toniq

Pearlfisher London has created the naming, brand identity and design for the UK launch of new and innovative sparkling coconut water brand, Toniq.

Toniq is the brainchild of respected nutritionist, and health & fitness entrepreneur, Zana Morris, who pioneered the concept of the intelligent gym – with The Clock and The Library.

Zana is now challenging the unadventurous, sports drinks category – still largely dominated by processed and sugar-heavy products – with Toniq: an intelligent and light, sparkling coconut water brand with the added benefits of magnesium, ginger juice and probiotics.

Commenting on the strategic approach, Futures Director, Sophie Maxwell, explained: “Coconut waters with their double-benefit promise of nutrition and hydration exploded on to the market and continue to grow as a fitness and health staple. But, consumers are moving way beyond basic function and looking for more progressive and expressive wellness offers that can prove effect with naturally potent ingredients and more emotive, communication of the effectiveness. This framed our approach with Toniq as we looked to match the progressive nature of the offer – a lighter, nutrient and vitamin-packed coconut water choice – with a more expressive look and feel to open up the drinking experience and secure a dynamic entry into the wellness space.”

Founding Creative Partner & CCO, Pearlfisher London, and designer of Toniq, Karen Welman, said: “The creative approach needed to break through the generic and prescriptive look and voice of the coconut water category and elevate Toniq as a premium drinking experience. The name hints at both the perceived benefit of an old-fashioned tonic and also the super-nutrient goodness of today’s key magnesium ingredient, with the ‘IQ’ cementing the idea of the power to be found in this new and intelligent coconut water. The light, feathery feel of the inside of a coconut is expressed through a unique and embossed visual identity to symbolise the lighter nature of the drink and create an experience led by the bottle in the hand.”

She continued, “The brown glass bottle naturally reflects the outer shell of a coconut, and cues a more crafted and premium feel, supported by our choice of a stylish rose gold cap. Functionally, brown glass is better at protecting the drink inside, is fully recyclable and, with this bottle, members have the option of returning it to the gym for re-use – all important considerations for today’s discerning audience.”

Zana Morris, said, “I am constantly ripping up the rule book to find new ways to revolutionise and optimise diet, exercise and nutrition. Karen is a fellow maverick, constantly and creatively challenging just what is achievable, and this makes her – and the Pearlfisher team – the perfect partner. Karen has not just brought the product to life but opened up the idea of an innovative and intelligent offer, cutting through the category to position Toniq as a healthy, premium and stylish drinking experience – all contained within a striking, purposeful but interpretative design.”

Toniq is now available in The Clock and The Library private members clubs in London.

Source: Pearlfisher

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