Pearlfisher Sets Challenger Brand TRIBE On An Iconic Pathway

Pearlfisher London creates the brand strategy, architecture and visual identity for natural sports nutrition brand TRIBE.

Launched in 2015, TRIBE is a modern lifestyle brand with the mission to change the world of sports nutrition by creating the highest quality, all-natural, performance products for everyday athletes – and bring this community together through a love of nature and adventure.

Wanting to better reflect the brand’s evolving community, TRIBE challenged Pearlfisher to redefine its portfolio and visual identity.

“We conducted in-depth research which informed our key insight that the majority of consumers believe that sports nutrition products need to be synthetic to be effective. We needed an inspiring brand idea to challenge this notion of synthetic and an emotive idea that stated that natural products can be just as powerful in helping athletes of any level achieve their goals,” said Molly Rowan Hamilton, Pearlfisher Strategist.

“We created a new core brand idea moving forward: ‘The Force of Nature’; which focussed our strategic approach in repositioning TRIBE. Drawing a link between the potency of the product and connecting it to the joy of the outdoors and the overwhelming power of the natural world. From this, we articulated and unified the entire brand portfolio to build this exciting challenger brand on the road to an iconic pathway. We were then able to redefine TRIBE’s tone of voice and communication strategy, empowering consumers to push their physical boundaries and to never stop discovering the everyday.”

Talking about the new identity, Jon Vallance, Pearlfisher Associate Creative Director, said “Reflecting the idea that TRIBE truly empowers its communities, we’ve cropped into the ‘BE’ of the identity to suggest what you can become through TRIBE – bold, adventurous and powerful. Using a bright and energetic colour palette, we brought The Force of Nature ethos to life with abstract illustrations of our natural environment at its most impressive. This bold new visual identity system is communicated across all of the brand’s touch points including print collateral, community materials, posters, website and packaging design.”

Pearlfisher has also created a new style guide that will inform all future brand development and communication materials, including a TRIBE book and new posters due to launch this year.

Tom Stancliffe, Co-Founder of TRIBE, said, “It’s exciting to now have such a powerful brand mission statement and idea for us, and our followers, that strengthens and symbolises our belief in inspiring Everyday Discovery and our range of offers. It’s powerful, modern and elemental and will not just help us drive the new initiatives and activity we have planned for the coming months but propel us forward with our plans to reach new audiences and secure the market position we are aiming for.”

The new TRIBE brand range is available to purchase now online here.

Source: Pearlfisher

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