Play-Doh celebrates Children’s Day with a pack made of 100% imagination

Hasbro transformed itself into a world of imagination and creativity to celebrate Children’s Day with the launch of the “Open a jar of imagination” Play-Doh campaign. The brand seeks to remind the entire world of the importance of encouraging children’s imagination, with an idea that adds a pack to the traditional Play-Doh can.

With this approach, DDB Colombia gave life to the concept that inspires imagination with no instructions, age restrictions or even explanations. Play-Doh invites you to use creativity so you can see beyond the product and imagine what it can be.

Through a special limited edition delivered only to influencers and media, the conversation about the product was activated. Additionally, the idea had its own life in the streets of Bogota, promoting its launch through different bus stops of the city, locating those same packs in each one of them, but in a bigger size, surprising every pedestrian and inviting them to interact with the brand to discover the world of possibilities available with a can of Play-Doh.

In the words of Jonathan Kaplisky, Marketing Director of Hasbro: “Play-Doh is the ideal brand for this campaign because it pleases both parents and children. The parents, because they know that with Play-Doh their children can develop creativity, and the children, because it’s a brand that transmits a ton of fun. Our expectancy is for the Play-Doh can to be perceived as an opportunity to give imagination at a low cost.”


Client: Hasbro
Product: Play-Doh
Marketing Manager: Jonathan Kaplinsky
Brand Manager: Lina Henao
Marketing Assistant: Donaji Trejo
Advertising Agency: DDB Colombia
Chief Executive Officer: Borja de la Plaza
Chief Creative Officer: Leo Macias
Creative Director: Juan Espitia / Mario León
Art Director: Mario León / Juan Espitia
Copywriter: Mario León / Juan Espitia
Account Director: Paula Botero
Head of Production: Dolly Cantor / Darío Lozano
Producer: Esteban Pava
Producción Blisters: Padiplast
General Manager: Luis Fernado Padilla
Special Projects Designer: Yorlady Suarez

Source: DDB Colombia

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