Quantcast launches widely available implementation of IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework

Quantcast, which owns and operates the world’s largest AI-driven audience insights platform for the open internet, announced the launch of Quantcast Choice.

Available from May 15 for free, Quantcast Choice is the first widely available implementation of the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework. The product has been in beta since February and is already being used by publishers in Europe and and the US.

The IAB Europe’s open-source Framework enables publishers and advertisers to comply with new consumer consent rules under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 25th. As part of the Framework, Quantcast will operate as a consent management platform (CMP), one of 18 such platforms currently registered and through which consumer consent information will be passed. Other CMPs include DMG Media, publisher of the UK’s Daily Mail and MailOnline.

GDPR changes the rules around use of consumer data online. Today, advertising represents up to 80 percent of revenue for digital publishers, making a workable and simple solution essential to their long-term success. Based on the IAB Europe’s open-source Transparency and Consent Framework, Quantcast Choice enables publishers, advertisers, and other website owners to source consent to use consumer data to measure activity on their sites and recognise and deliver relevant advertising and online content to EU citizens, all while staying compliant with GDPR.

Consumers visiting sites which have implemented Quantcast Choice will see one of a number of user interface options available to the publisher, including pop-ups and banners, providing transparency into data use purposes and asking the consumer to grant consent for their data to be used in line with GDPR. Consumers will be able to easily access more granular privacy options from the same interface. Those consumer consent choices will then be applied when they engage with the rest of that site, and other sites and vendors using the IAB Europe Framework. Quantcast will continue to push updates to the product as the IAB Framework evolves.

Commenting on the launch, Sam Barnett, Quantcast’s Chief Product Officer said, “Quantcast Choice is an easy-to-adopt and free way for all website owners to ensure they’re GDPR-ready before May 25th. The result of more than a year’s work and close collaboration with the IAB Europe, it strikes the right balance between ensuring consumer privacy and control over their data and helping foster a vibrant ad-funded publishing industry. This is essential if consumers are to continue to benefit from free quality news and entertainment. Solutions based on industry standards are critical to maintaining a healthy and diverse digital content and advertising ecosystem.”  

Townsend Feehan, CEO of the IAB Europe added, “Quantcast has been at the centre of the industry’s efforts to develop and make available our Transparency and Consent Framework. At the end of 2016, we invited member companies of the IAB Europe and national IABs worldwide to join the effort to build a common, open-source standard for the industry. Quantcast was an early and consistent contributor. We will maintain this open and inclusive approach as the standard evolves and look forward to continuing to benefit from the expertise of European companies and those elsewhere that are willing to step up in this way.”

Source: Quantcast

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