Startup brand Cantina launches Argentinian chimichurri sauce with design by OurCreative

New startup brand Cantina has launched an Argentinian chimichurri sauce, in a bid to tap into consumer demand for more complex flavours from around the world, with design by OurCreative.

A vibrant and colourful identity reflects the product’s South American roots and authenticity.

The design is inspired by the bright street art of Buenos Aires. A tactile label replicates a crumbling wall and the typeface mirrors writing found on the facades of the Argentinian capital, while the blue is taken from the country’s national flag.

A beer bottle and fork combine to form the logo as a nod to the founders, Miles Nurse and Koosha Kowsari, who first stored the sauce in recycled beer bottles as they honed their recipe. Cantina is slang in Latin America for bar or grill, so combining these two elements to create the logo reflects the product’s name, as well as the pair’s use of beer bottles. Even the bottle is based on the design of a beer bottle.

Joe Wallis, Senior Designer at OurCreative., says: “The vibrant design of Cantina, inspired by the street art of Buenos Aires, will fire the imaginations of millennials who are turning away from big brands and looking for challenger brands to provide them with a more authentic and natural experience. As consumers travel the world in ever greater numbers, they want to experience the sauces and condiments they discovered which feature more exciting flavour profiles – ketchup and salad cream just don’t cut the mustard anymore. The market for sauces from around the world is only just beginning to take off and this bright and colourful design, which boldly displays its authenticity, is so on trend.”

The first bottles are being sent out to buyers this week to attract interest from retailers. The founders have been perfecting the sauce for six years after they discovered it while living in South America.

Miles and Koosha, founders of Cantina, add: “We were so pleased with the way OurCreative. interpreted our ideas for Cantina’s first sauce, chimichurri. With very few other chimichurri sauces on the market and the consumer demand for challenger brands with natural and authentic ingredients, we hope Cantina will pick up interest – and it will be well placed to attract attention from buyers with packaging design that roots it firmly in Argentina.”

Source: OurCreative.

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