“The Breakup-Proof Hoodie”. Portuguese streetwear brand +351 creates a garment that protects their clients from the end of their relationships.

During the month of Valentine’s Day, the brand wanted to stir the waters of romance with a breakup-proof hoodie. A unique piece that brings a lawyer-written reimbursement policy on its label.

Wearing a piece of clothing from your significant other is seen as a sign of affection — and so, it’s more than natural that couples lend each other clothes, especially hoodies. As long as love prevails, the clothes enjoy a healthy shared custody, the problem is when the relationship comes to an end and the clothes do not return to the respective owner’s wardrobe. Thinking of all the hoodies “stolen” due to broken hearts, the Portuguese brand +351 launches the “The Breakup- Proof Hoodie”, a piece with a story to shake up Valentine’s Day.

Ending a relationship is never easy for either party involved, especially when at the end of the relationship, there are those who never see the hoodie they lent to their significant other again. +351 answers this problem with the “The Breakup-Proof Hoodie”, a jacket whose label displays a relationship breakup policy that guarantees the customer a new piece for free in the case that this hoodie is taken by the other person in the relationship.

“We know that normally, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating cliches and all the beautiful and romantic things a relationship brings us. But we can’t forget that relationships also have their sour moments and, even, they end,” says Ana Penha e Costa, founder of +351, who developed this campaign with the advertising agency Judas.

“With an ironic approach, we wanted to depict this feature of the end of relationships when one of the parties ends up with clothes from the other person. +351 comes to the defence of the customer and all hoodies that are left without shared custody.”

The development of the garment was not left to chance. It mirrors the union between two people in a relationship and, simultaneously and ironically, the division of property that takes place when they both separate. (Picture in the link below)

Split in half with one half of each color, the hoodie brings with it an element that in a usual situation would be so banal that it would end up in the trash, but not in this case.
In the “The breakup-proof hoodie” the label is the key to protecting the customer and their respective hoodie in the event that it is “stolen” at the end of a relationship.

This label stands out for its larger than normal size—it is where the relationship breakup policy is presented, officially written by the lawyer Nuno Nogueira Pinto. This is where the division of property begins, where +351 comes in to prevent litigation between the customer and their significant other.

This breakup policy contains terms and conditions to be applied in case what is most avoided in any relationship occurs: separation. “In the event of any upset (…), +351 commits to providing, once, an equivalent product with the same characteristics to the customer who verifiably demonstrates that they are no longer in possession of the product originally acquired due to the breakup of the relationship with the third party,” one of the terms of the label can be read.

In the event of a break-up and one of the persons losing their hoodie, all they have to do is go to a +351 shop and present the invoice for the purchase of the original jacket and evidence of the break-up. Divorce certificate, blocking of telephone contacts or social network profiles or changes in contract ownership are just some of the examples given as proof to receive a new hoodie as a replacement.

In the event of a breakup, the customer can contact +351 and send evidence that they are no longer in possession of the product, and the brand will proceed with the delivery of a new piece. The hoodie is on sale exclusively on the brand’s website and will be available until February 14th.

Like every collection from +351, the “The breakup-proof hoodie” (€155) also has 100% Portuguese DNA, and is produced in the north of the country. This is a limited edition and will be on sale from February 10th in +351 stores and online.

There is no need to be afraid of sharing love by sharing a hoodie. +351 has your back.


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