The Collaborators Take On A Cool Coffee Adventure With Far Side Coffee

The Collaborators have created a new challenger brand for the fledgling cold brew coffee category. Not yet popular in the UK, cold brew coffee is often perceived as faddish or mistaken for a frappe iced coffee drink.

Far Side Coffee wanted to change that by bringing expertly made single origin cold brew to the market, crafted with integrity and standing apart from regular coffee.

The Collaborators were asked to create a brand identity from scratch as well as packaging across two variants of 240ml bottles. Working closely with the client, The Collaborators chose a positioning of ‘More than a cup’, based on the complex flavours of the cold brew that unfurl long after you have taken a sip.

The name Far Side was chosen as a natural fit for the product as the beans steeped to make the coffee are unusually exotic, sourced from Rwanda and Peru.

This name also gave the design team creative licence to conjure up the essence of these places on the packaging, filling the label with illustrations of the culture, nature and people of these places.

A contemporary graphic style was created to appeal to the brand’s youthful audience. Illustrations were created in-house and used across the website and promotional materials.

A tone of voice was developed which leaned towards the style of trendy craft beer brands, bringing a playful nuance to the packaging and website.

“The eclectic and vibrant illustrations were designed to leap off the front of the bottle, and transport you to Peru and Rwanda, beginning your journey to the Far Side from the moment you set eyes on the bottle,” commented Harry Knight, Designer at The Collaborators.

Far Side cold brew coffee launches at London Coffee Festival in April 2018 and is available for wholesale in boxes of 12 with an RRP of £2.80. Coffee shop chiller cabinets and supermarket shelves are expected to be the most successful listings.

Source: The Collaborators

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