The North Face and FRED & FARID Shanghai team up to Relaunch Iconic TNF100 Ultra Trail Race After 3-Year Hiatus

The North Face and FRED & FARID Shanghai have announced a new collaboration to relaunch the TNF100, the iconic 100km ultra trail race, after a three-year absence. The event, known as “one of the toughest and most beautiful ultra trail experiences in the region,” has faced significant challenges in recent years, including the COVID-19 pandemic and a tragedy at a similar event in north west China.

Despite these setbacks, The North Face and FRED & FARID Shanghai have come together to reinvent TNF100 and answer the question: “Why should we keep running?” To promote the relaunch, the independent agency has developed a fully integrated campaign called ‘TNF100 Reasons to get back to trail,’ which includes a 5-minute film, a giant billboard in the heart of Shanghai, and campaign posters.

The campaign was almost entirely user-generated, thanks to the participation of 100 professional runners and influencers from The North Face community. They provided their pictures, videos, and voices to support their own reasons for getting back on the trail. The entire campaign was brought to life by FF Production, FRED & FARID Shanghai’s in-house production company.

‘TNF100 Reasons to get back to trail,’ celebrates the diversity of responses we’ve received. It’s remarkable to see how every individual has their unique motivation to hit the trails, driven by their own life experiences, challenges, and aspirations.

Feng Huang, CEO/Partner and Executive Creative Director at FRED & FARID Shanghai, said, “The challenge was real – how do you bounce back from such an earth-shattering event? These dramatic occurrences shook the very foundation of TNF100, redefining even the very purpose of its existence. It pushed the brand to reinvent itself and answer the million-dollar question: why do we keep running a race of 100km? Why do we keep going?”

Adrien Goris, Group Creative Director at FRED & FARID Shanghai, added, “The North Face community has truly been a driving force behind our campaign. We’re excited to share with the world our 100 reasons for hitting the trails and to help promote this remarkable event..”

TNF100 is set to take place on April 15th and 16th and promises to be an unforgettable experience for all participants. For more information about the event, visit the official TNF100 website.

Source: FRED & FARID Shanghai

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