TN Lets Colour-blind People Experience Fall Foliage ?for the First Time

Challenge: Fall foliage travel is a billion-dollar industry in America. And while Tennessee has some of the most beautiful fall scenery in the country, every other state is making the same claim. So how does Tennessee stand out?

Insight: There are roughly 280 million people in the world who are red-green colour deficient, which means they’ve never truly seen what fall looks like. One in 12 American men—including Today’s Matt Lauer—experiences some form of colour blindness, a condition that affects nearly five percent of American women, too.

Idea: Create the first scenic viewers outfitted with specialty lenses designed to help alleviate red-green colour blindness so that people who have never seen the true colours of fall, can experience them for the first time. 

As you may remember, the Great Smoky Mountains were ravaged by wildfires almost one year ago.  But this year, the beauty of fall has returned in full force.

Source: VML

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