Volkswagen unveils soft-toy tearjerker to promote their ADC technology

Last week saw the launch of Volkswagen’s new TVC spot for their Automatic Distance Control technology, which promises to bring a tear to eyes across the nation. ADC is a function which ensures your car is always kept at a safe distance from the vehicle in front and is available across Volkswagen’s range.

Running across Europe, the film from Adam&Eve DDB tells the tragic love story of two car accessories who are destined to be forever apart.

We begin by witnessing the first encounter between a male bunny sat on the dashboard of a Volkswagen Golf and a female bunny stuck to the back window of the van in front. Gazing into each other’s eyes it becomes clear this is love at first sight.

The vehicles get closer and closer, and just as we think the fluffy pair will finally be together the Golf’s ADC kicks into action and the vehicles slowly drift apart. The van and the female bunny are tragically gone forever. The heartbreaking tale serves as a charming and memorable demonstration of the technology.

The commercial was written and art directed by Oli Rimoldi and Sigi Egedal, and directed by Matteo Pellegrini.

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