ZEITGUISED release exploratory commercial project and exhibition film for Kvadrat

Art & design brand ZEITGUISED and its commercial visual trend lab, foam studio, show their joint creative potential in this double whammy of textile visuals for textile manufacturer Kvadrat with two unique projects.

Launching June 26 is brand image R&D project “KVDARAT Exploration”. Developed by foam studio, the film explores the textures of Kvadrat’s signature canvas textiles, morphing and convulsing them with almost impossible forms for this non-stretching fabric.

ZEITGUISED founder Henrik Mauler says: “The forms were developed with a combination of purely algorithmic shapes and hand-designed forms. We wanted to experiment with Kvadrat’s Canvas and excite designers to push it to its furthest boundaries. By doing so, we can really test the limits of what can be created in real life, providing inspiration and insight into a key brand product.”

The R&D project was paralleled by a bespoke art film that ZEITGUISED created for Kvadrat’s section of the London Design Week exhibition “My Canvas” at London’s Somerset House in September 2017.

“Emancipath” also plays with Kvadrat’s renowned textiles, contrasting bubbling forms with smooth rolling movements. The bubbling shapes are what gives this project its name – they detach, or in other words emancipate themselves from the stark architectural forms Kvadrat’s signature canvas is used for.


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