Zizzi Takes An ‘Interactive Play’ Approach To Consumer Engagement

Zizzi-Board-Game-Press-InfographicZizzi, the Italian restaurant chain, is leading innovation in marketing by delivering an interactive consumer experience incorporating gameplay and rewards to both engage existing customers and also attract new restaurant goers. Having recently signed a long term contract with 3radical – whose Voco software platform delivers relevant, rich, multi-channel experiences to consumers for brands such as Dell, British Land and Anytime Fitness – Zizzi is using this new technology to engage its customers in a fun and interactive way – combining online, mobile, social and in-restaurant experiences across its 140 restaurant outlets..

This latest activity saw consumers access an online board game, driven by 3radical Voco, via their mobile devices through a mobile optimized website and on Zizzi’s Facebook page. During the eight weeks that the board-game was live it attracted around 60,000 unique players, nearly 2 million throws of the dice and over 87,000 follow on actions were completed including over 27,000 survey responses. It also attracted around 22,000 new customer names and associated data by encouraging existing players to share with friends

How the board game worked

Zizziboardgameimage1Players were awarded rolls of the dice in the game each day they participated, which enabled them to move their personalised game piece around the board. Landing on some squares earned the player tokens towards instant win food prizes, and each corner the player passed earned an entry into a competition to win a holiday to Sardinia. Vouchers for the food prizes were delivered as electronic vouchers and stored within the channel alongside their competition entries. Players were also able to compete for a limited number of ‘Meal for Four’ vouchers worth £100 each as well as weekly ‘spot prizes’, such as Spa Days and tickets to Royal Ascot.

All players received two dice throws per day, plus extra dice throws for rolling ‘doubles’. They were then challenged to complete a range of ‘Next Actions’ to earn extra throws. These additional actions included following the @WeAreZizzi brand on Twitter and sharing content to Facebook and Twitter to generate referrals – which were rewarded as each friend signed up. As the campaign went on a series of short customer surveys were also added to enable Zizzi to capture key customer profiling information, such as food preferences and dietary requirements.

Zizziboardgameimage2Jo Fawcett, Marketing Director, Zizzi commented: “Following our success with the Stand Up to Cancer campaign last year for which we used 3radical to deliver an online scratch card, we were keen move to the next level and introduce a campaign which not only generated new consumer contacts but would encourage high levels of repeat engagement. Our board game really delivered this – generating 22,000 new customer contacts, and with almost a third of the 60,000 consumers that engaged returning on 5 or more days. Their high engagement levels also meant they were happy to share information on their preferences with us, which we will use to continue to increase our relevancy to them going forward and inform our business. We are building a new channel of communication with these consumers, which they are happy to keep returning to and which gives us a powerful opportunity to engage with them.”

David Eldridge, CEO of 3radical added, “Zizzi are at the forefront of consumer engagement, and their team continue to innovate. We are delighted to support them in developing a growing audience of engaged consumers, by delivering relevant, fun and engaging experiences closely tied to their dynamic brand.”


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