Acrobats Takeover the London Commute in New Campaign for Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain

Unsuspecting commuters were given a stunning show on November 20, as a sensational acrobatic duo showed off their gymnastic flair and flexibility in several commuter hotspots in Central London and on the Underground.

The team of elite gymnasts wow-ed passers-by as they showed off their skills in a variety of athletic and daring moves. They were spotted tumbling down a tube carriage in Charing Cross, vaulting benches in parks, back-flipping down Oxford Street and somersaulting on the South Bank.

Commuters travelling to work were left in awe while watching the acrobatic spectacle. The gymnastic commuters were unleashed as part of a marketing stunt from Nutri-Grain to celebrate the launch of their new Nutri-Grain bars, which are made with six B vitamins and iron, known to help release energy from the food we eat and keep us fuelled throughout the day.

The acrobats were commissioned on the back of new research from Kellogg’s, which reveals that nine in ten Brits (89 per cent) experience a slump in energy levels by mid-morning, 92 per cent find themselves craving a pick-me-up snack by mid-morning and one third of Brits (33 per cent) regularly skip breakfast.

The phenomenal performance came from London-based acrobats Benjamin Jones and Abigail Mason, who together are trained in gymnastics, dance, contortion and martial arts, among other disciplines. The team are part of Nutri-Grain’s ‘morning fuel’ ambassador sampling team who are shaking up the morning commute in London this week appearing at train stations across the city.

A spokesperson for Nutri-Grain said: “We wanted to shake up the dreary commute and show Londoners what it looks like to be fully energised in the morning. Our amazing gymnasts embody what it means to have the ‘morning fuel’ we all need to get through the day.”

After witnessing the incredible display, which was devised by Taylor Herring, commuters were treated to a Nutri-Grain bar, which are available in three flavours: Apple, Strawberry and Blueberry.

Source: Taylor Herring

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