Alchemetrics and Transcend360 team to make ‘Privacy by Design’ a new reality for brands

Alchemetrics has joined forces with cloud-based, customer solutions technology specialist, Transcend360 to create a new approach to privacy in the post GDPR environment.

The concept of Privacy by Design, which gives customers greater control of their preferences, underpins the design of the platform, Preference360. The platform enables brands to provide customers with an intuitive and easy to use preference centre so that they can control exactly how they are communicated with.

It creates a holistic approach to privacy including privacy policy review, legitimate interest, right to be forgotten and subject access requests and fully hosted preference centres. Preference360 is the most comprehensive, fully GDPR compliant and cost efficient privacy solution on the market.

Dave Gurney, CEO of Alchemetrics said: “GDPR is clear – customers have to have greater control over their data. Our new Privacy by Design solution takes the hassle out of compliance. Transcend360 is the perfect partner for us as its cloud-based architecture and strong track record in customer solutions matches our ethos and expertise. We’re delighted to have forged this partnership in order to offer our clients this best-of-breed privacy suite.”

Bill Marjot, CEO of Transcend360 added: “The thing about privacy is that it’s not just a compliance necessity, it really is the way to better, more trusted relationships with customers. We understand this and together with Alchemetrics have created a platform that enhances the customer experience by putting them in the driving seat. The fact that it is also GDPR compliant is just the icing on the cake.”

Source: Alchemetrics

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