Audi unveils augmented reality platform with Somo

Audi has unveiled Audi Vision, a mobile augmented reality platform which allows users to bring brochures to life.

Audi Vision will allow users to point their mobile device at the premium car manufacturer’s spring 2013 price and specification guides, and take a picture that will unlock the static pages of the brochure, unveiling video, picture and other additional content.

Hugh Fletcher, national digital manager for Audi UK, told the Drum:

Audi Vision is the most innovative digital project we’ve undertaken to date and most importantly it supports a key developing trend in marketing; the overlap between digital and CRM. Applying Audi Vision to our brochures is just the beginning. Throughout the coming years we’ll be using the Vision platform across a broad spectrum of marketing channels, augmenting printed materials, digital content and in-Centre collateral to allow Audi fans to really get under the skin of our cars.

The app was designed for Audi by Somo, and is available on iOS for iPhone and iPad and Android for phones and tablets.

Maani Safa, Somo’s global innovation director, said: “Audi is leading the way in the AR sector, embracing mobile-first and placing it at the heart of its digital strategy. We are proud and excited to be helping them pioneer the next generation of digital marketing.”

Once the Audi Vision app has taken a grab from a particular brochure, it will no longer require a data connection.

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