Heathrow Express says travel the world and back easily, at speed and stress-free, in latest campaign from St Luke’s

Heathrow Express (HEX), the airport rail link operating between London Heathrow Airport and London Paddington, is showing travellers that stress-free journeys start the moment they step onto the train, and continue when they return by train.

Created with St Luke’s, the supersize OOH campaign aims to persuade passengers that travelling to and from Heathrow Airport via Heathrow Express is the most relaxed way to start and end your journey.

Called ‘Tracks’, the activity breaks on 2 March and runs across the summer period. It features a 3 x 19m-long OOH site positioned in the walkway between Heathrow Airport Terminals 2 and 3, visible to all passengers who have taken the Heathrow Express.

The work features a series of aerial shots of a city, nature and water, bringing to mind far-flung holiday destinations and weekend city breaks, aiming to appeal to both business and leisure travellers. The stock images are bookended with aerial shots of the Heathrow Express train, the first of which seamlessly moves from the train to a plane taking off from Heathrow, then across the various images representing the variety of trips you can access via the Heathrow Express from Heathrow, before changing back to a plane and then the Heathrow Express train completing the passenger journey all the way back to London Paddington.  

All the shots are seamlessly linked by a continuous and changing track ‘travelling’ from image to image, depicting and representing the world that Heathrow Express starts and ends with, and where it takes passengers in between. It features the message: ‘Connecting London with the World: The fastest way from Heathrow Central to London Paddington.’

The tracks that follow through each image suggest that your holiday doesn’t stop when you’re departing or returning, as HEX connects you to the world within 15 minutes from Central London.

Mark Eastwood, Commercial Strategy Lead at Heathrow Express, says: “With this creative we’re showing passengers the benefits of using Heathrow Express – and with the size and scale of the installation we’re sure it’ll turn a few heads!”

Rich Denney, Joint CCO at St Luke’s adds, “Heathrow Express is the fastest way to get travellers from London to their intended leisure or business destination, offering a seamless, stress-free journey from start to finish.  By depicting the work on the walkway, as passengers are heading to and from their travels, we’re showing travellers just how easy and rewarding their travels can be when they choose Heathrow Express.”

Source: St Luke’s

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