Leading recruitment platform Totaljobs, launches refreshed brand identity to kick start 2019

Totaljobs has unveiled a new brand. The re-imagined look and feel has been designed to embody the spirit of Totaljobs and its unique offering in the market.

Totaljobs collaborated with creative agency DesignStudio to help define their brand positioning, and bring it to life visually. Beginning the process with an immersion stage, representatives from DesignStudio met Totaljobs employees in order to understand what the brand means as a service to employers and workers.

The result is a new brand identity, represented in part by a signature ‘T’. With almost 300,000 live job vacancies on the platform at any one time, the brand mark signifies the breadth and depth of roles available to candidates on the Totaljobs platform, with adverts for roles as broad as bartending, or as niche as a Full Stack Python Django Developer.

With this in mind, the ethos of the Totaljobs brand is focused around the individual, and the knowledge that work holds a different function in the life of each person, with different factors taking precedence in each job search. In motion, the new brand identity sees the Totaljobs ‘T’ grow, shrink and adapt to reflect the unique demands of different peoples’ job search.

The brand positioning sets out a long term tone that resonates with people searching for their next role, as well as employers looking for their next hire. The proposition is set to evolve in the future, as the brand communicates this identity to the UK workforce.

Totaljobs has also launched a new multi-channel brand campaign to bring the new brand identity to life, incorporating the new tagline of ‘Get everything you need from a job’. The creative explores what matters most to people and features real workers as part of its cast. Informed by extensive candidate research, the messaging is designed to resonate with workers of all levels; from the aspirational jobseeker who is looking for “the dream job”, to the person between roles urgently looking for “a job”.

Leading with a TV spot across terrestrial and digital channels, the campaign also includes radio, outdoor, mobile and online. The new campaign is Totaljobs’ biggest to date and will run from 1st January until 31st March in the North of England, reaching more than 8 million people. 

The campaign creative splits brand building activity which communicates the new positioning of Totaljobs, with activation, which directly drives candidates to Totaljobs.com. On selected media, the adverts swap ‘Get everything you need from a job on Totaljobs.com’ with a more direct call to action such as “Find a job near you on Totaljobs.com”.

“The focus on breadth and depth is important to us at Totaljobs. It’s not just the service we offer, it’s who we are. That’s why our creative campaign focuses on how we are meeting the needs of jobseekers and inspiring them into action. Whether people are looking for a short-term gig or their life’s calling; the typical 9-5 or extra night-shifts, the employers we work with offer jobs across the spectrum of industries and skillsets,” saidMartin Talbot, Group Marketing Director at Totaljobs Group.

“With over 34 million workers in the UK, the new brand look and feel celebrates the unique requirements for each job and our research shows that our users see the Totaljobs platform as both the needle and the haystack when finding their next role. Be it someone finding their first job, career progression, or a complete career change altogether, UK employers are hiring the talent they need through Totaljobs.”

Alex Johns, Creative Director of lead agency DesignStudio, commented: “The new Totaljobs identity and positioning embodies their unique proposition; using their industry experience and market-leading technology to understand what matters most to people in a job and help them make their next move matter. Whoever they are, whatever they do. Part time or full time, general roles or specific vocations. The visual language is bold, confident and flexible, with a dynamic ‘T’ at its core.  From campaign to product, the brand comes to life with an extended interaction language based on the range of moves a job hunter makes, from searching to applying. This comes with a tone of voice and an art direction approach that champions real people, jobs and ambitions.”

Source: DesignStudio

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