Lemlift Encourage Viewers to ‘Ditch the Winter Look’ in New TV Campaign

Health giant Reckitt Benckiser have released Lemlift, a dissolvable supplement designed to support the immune system with Vitamin C and Zinc.

With the dog days of summer far behind us and the cold, wet and blustery commutes of winter ever encroaching, Lemlift’s debut ad, ‘Winter Look’, features a vibrant character animation, fully intent on combatting winter misery.

The campaign, devised by Havas and produced by RSA, encapsulates the distress we are all subject to when arriving in the office in the winter months by personifying the effects wind, rain and snow take on our physical appearance.

Havas creatives, Diogo Abrantes and Chico Barrera, commented: “Lemlift is all about helping people during winter. We wanted to play with that. We worked together with This is Felo and Big Buoy on characters that are the embodiment of a horrible winter commute, but dialed-up to eleven.”

Whilst these characters add an all-too-real humour to the spot, the hero cast member is prominent: an animated Lemlift pack complete with arms, legs and an upbeat personality. Designed in a collaboration between post-production companies Big Buoy and Smoke & Mirrors, we see the character bound energetically about the scene, offering vitamin C goodness to an office caught in ‘rain, wind, or perhaps even snow’, as the general mood seems uplift.

Lead Character Designer and Animator on the project, Willie Torres, commented: “The key factor leading to the success of this project was that, from the very beginning, we were heavily involved in the design process of the new character. We were able to fully grasp the intentions of the client in order to achieve the best possible result.”

Jim Allen, Lead Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor, added: “The creatives were very clear on the personality of the character and were able to communicate this to us in a variety of ways: acting out how it should move and sending us photos of themselves in the various poses they’d like the it to take. Being on set was extremely useful as we were able to get feedback in between each shot and continue our development of the key character.”

With the long days of summer well and truly behind us and winter fast approaching, Lemlift provides us with the vitamins we need to keep our health in check.

Source: Big Buoy

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