Movember prepares to kick off with three videos that highlight the perks of a moustache

The Movember Foundation has launched a humorous campaign to generate excitement for its upcoming annual moustache challenge, which aims to raise awareness around men’s health issues.

Created by Sid Lee’s LA office, the three tongue-in-cheek videos show the incredible feats that can be accomplished with the growth of a moustache.

In Comedic Geniuses (above), a comedian sans moustache fails to impress his audience with his subpar jokes.

“With no moustache, you’re 60% less likely to be funny,” the ad states before pointing out iconic comedians with moustaches including Charlie Chaplin and Olivier Hardy.

In ‘Astronauts,’ a clean-shaven astronaut watches in despair as his mustached counterparts take off in a rocket to space. ‘Penis Chalkboard’ shows what appears to be an Einstein look-a-like without his signature moustache as he draws a penis on a chalkboard instead of physics equations, proving that “you’re 67 per cent less likely do to something really smart with no moustache.”

Kristian Manchester, executive creative director and partner at Sid Lee, said: “We went back in history and realized that the greatest achievements of mankind have been achieved by men with Mo’s. So, with one, you’re more likely to do something extraordinary.”

Sid Lee and the Movember Foundation share the same offices in LA and this is their first joint initiative.

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