Pearlfisher New York designs ShopRite’s new own brand for food products, Bowl & Basket, to bring consumers together

Pearlfisher New York partnered with Wakefern on the brand creation, including brand strategy, visual identity, packaging, portfolio redesign and roll-out of ShopRite’s new own brand for high quality food – Bowl & Basket.

ShopRite is one of America’s most loved and well-established co-operative retailers. With bullish retailers making the own brand market increasingly diverse and competitive, driving customers to expect more than just value, ShopRite introduces a pioneering and future-proof approach with its creation of new high quality, low budget own brands.

To take ShopRite beyond value, Pearlfisher ensured that the overall creative approach and vision conveys both quality and modernity and still maintains ShopRite’s welcoming nature. Bowl & Basket spans all food products and communicates the expertise, approachability and personal nature of the brand, with ingredients that bring people together ‘from our basket to your bowl’.

Hamish Campbell, VP & Executive Creative Director at Pearlfisher said, “A fresh and elevated design for Bowl & Basket helps disrupt the look of this category, presenting a new opportunity for consumers to resonate with a design-forward family of products. The fluid, organic and optimistic nature of the design and what it represents informs the identity and brand expression – including the addition of an ampersand that doubles as a visual icon resembling a bowl and a basket. The rectangular placemat surrounding the identity signifies the center of the table, shareability and community with modern, stylish and real-food photography cueing freshness, quality and authenticity.”

The varied ingredients and thoughtful food combinations offered by ShopRite ensure that shoppers’ bowls are always full and their baskets are overflowing with meals to be remembered. For this reason, the art direction for the food photography style and illustrations that appear on the packaging is distinct and complementary of the series’ soft color scheme.

The ampersand at the center of Bowl & Basket is only a starting point for moments of joy. This point of connection extends the brand purpose of togetherness beyond the name to make many quality combinations such as: Milk & Cereal, Saturday & Pajamas, Friends & Family, Bowl & Basket.

Pearlfisher’s strategic approach to ShopRite’s creative reinvention, gives existing customers more to love – challenging overall expectations of what an affordable, accessible brand can be. Bowl & Basket welcomes the next generation of ShopRite customers by bringing people into the brand through truth, warmth and delight.

Laura Kind, Vice President of Brand Strategy, said, “With Bowl & Basket, our new food offerings are modern, premium, interpretive, emotive and distinctive. It’s capable of rivaling the

leading own brand and branded goods, providing us with a creative blueprint to draw in our own next generation of shoppers and a new future for the look of own and store brand.”

The newly released Bowl & Basket range of products are available at ShopRite stores across the US.


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