Ricola Taps into Wellbeing Trend with ‘Wish You Well’ Brand Campaign

Ricola, the Swiss herbal drop manufacturer, has announced the launch of a major new brand campaign. The push was developed in partnership with creative agency Publicis, with media strategy and planning by Arena Media, part of Havas Group Media.

‘Wish you well’, Ricola’s first brand campaign for over three years, aims to raise brand awareness and drive sales of the sugar-free sweets among health-conscious consumers.

Tapping into current wellness trends, the campaign demonstrates the way in which Ricola can make every day brighter, helping to create small moments of happiness, calm and wellbeing with its sugar-free drops, which are made from a special blend of 13 herbs, cultivated with care in the Swiss alps. The AV execution features people enjoying moments of peace with a Ricola sweet as they navigate their busy lives, with the endline ‘Wish you well’.

The push, which is part of Ricola’s ongoing strategy to become an enabler of wellbeing, includes radio, print, VOD and PPC activity.

As a long-standing sugar-free herbal sweet with a focus on sustainability and wellbeing, Ricola is well-placed to grow its share of the UK confectionery market as consumers look for brands that offer more than ‘just a sweet’.

Rebecca Collison, Senior Marketing Manager, Ricola, said: “Wish you well’ is all about cultivating wellbeing to make a difference in people’s everyday lives. This new campaign demonstrates the care that goes into making every Ricola herbal sweet and the way in which Ricola can create a small moment of calm and happiness during a busy or stressful day.”

Stephanie Marks, Managing Director, Havas Group Media, said: “It’s been great to work with Ricola again on this campaign. Tapping into the current wellness trend and people’s desire to reduce their sugar intake, we’ve developed a media strategy and plan focussed on channels which enable us to tell our brand story and create daily Ricola moments amongst our audience.”

Kari Freeburn, Head of Strategy, Publicis London, said: “Ricola’s new UK campaign ‘Wish you well’ was developed as part of a global collaboration within Publicis to wish the world well; the purpose at the core of the Ricola brand. Aligning with the current growing trends around wellness in the UK, we recognise this as a key opportunity to make an impact in the confectionery market, as Ricola provides us all with little daily moments of calm and wellbeing. The UK creative complements the wider global campaign and will continue to support Ricola UK in the years to come.”

Source: Havas Group Media

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