Saregama Carvaan suggests a new behaviour through its new campaign this Diwali

Diwali is many things to us. Homecomings, get-togethers, celebrations, gifts, lights, sweets, and shared joy. Diwali advertising over the years has been high decibel and mostly about deals. Synthetic families wearing silk garments and plastic smiles are seen in almost every Diwali ad. You do get a campaign here and there that tugs at the heart through emotional stories. But rarely has any brand brought in a point of view to our way of celebrating India’s biggest festival that resonates.

In comes Saregama Carvaan, the new music player with 5000 of the choicest classic Bollywood songs pre-loaded that has taken India by a mini-storm. A small brand with big ambitions, Carvaan doesn’t have millions to spend like other mega brands, so instead has chosen to integrate its message with a point-of-view on the way we celebrate Diwali.

Ajit Kumar, Vice-President – Sales & Marketing, Saregama India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Diwali is the gifting season of India and Carvaan is a perfect gift which young people can give to their parents and elders during this season. Our brief to The Womb team was to create an ad which is clutter breaking and have the essence of huge nostalgia which the product carries.”

Commenting on the film, Navin Talreja, Co-Founder of The Womb, who devised the ad, stated: “The festive season is gifting time and many brands leverage the same. The challenge we set ourselves was to find a unique point of view and a distinct voice for the brand amidst all the Diwali sameness. ‘Shor ya sangeet’ came from there and we believe that this platform can be owned only by a soulful music brand like Saregama Carvaan.”

Kawal Shoor, Co-Founder, The Womb, added, “Carvaan’s primary audiences are young, working sons and daughters – to buy Carvaan for their parents and elders. And the modern young workforce in India has a progressive mindset, unconstrained by the baggage of the past. To appeal to the young, Carvaan needed a young, progressive point-of-view. ‘Shor ya sangeet’ is our attempt to suggest that there can be a more meaningful way to connect with the young other than using yo-kids, high-fives, and all the stereotypes marketing uses to make brands youthful. Everyone has a soul, and the youth, more so. And it helps that Carvaan’s point-of-view also connects beautifully with the elderly.”

Akshat Trivedi, Creative Partner, The Womb, commented, “Every ‘good’ point of view becomes ‘great’ when expressed at the right time. Carvaan is about music, and unfortunately, increasingly, Diwali is about noise. There was an interesting conflict in the two. And nowadays, brands are best placed to resolve cultural conflicts. ‘Shor ya sangeet’ as a creative platform came from this conflict. But that was only half the job done. It could have been a very sensitive perspective, so we had to present it charmingly. Showing what our pets go thru’ this festival, and what we could do as sensitive pet-lovers was our way of doing that.”

Prakash Varma – Director, Nirvana Films, concluded, “Carvaan is a special product, and this one is a special film. To make a simple film is rare. I am blessed to have this opportunity. The idea is sensitive, but effective. And the choice of the dog makes it even more special, as ‘indies’ are truly beautiful, and need to be celebrated. A special thanks to Navin, Kawal, Akshat and Heval at The Womb. And none of this would be possible unless creative leaders like Vikram Mehra see the beauty in a simple, effective message.”

Source: The Womb

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