Sprout Means Sprout: British Public Invited to Come up with New Post-Brexit Name for Brussels Sprouts

As the UK faces their last Christmas in the EU, design agency Free The Birds has launched a campaign inviting the British public to pay tribute to the Brussels Sprout.

The #LoveBrussels social media campaign celebrates the British Christmas dinner staple, and humorously draws attention to the ongoing chaos and uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Free The Birds’ festive red and green visuals carry messages including: “Last Christmas,” “Where you should have put your cross,” “A nation divided,” and “Leaves means leaves.”

Paul Domenet, Communications Creative Director and partner at Free The Birds said: “By celebrating the Brussels sprout we’re not taking it back for Britain, we’re drawing attention to the many changes the country faces. It’s with great trepidation that we approach, potentially, our last Christmas with Brussels.”

Source: Free The Birds

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