Young & Laramore develops the brand strategy for Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Newfields

When the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) refocused its mission to emphasize “impacting lives through exceptional experiences with art and nature,” it hired Young & Laramore to re-evaluate their overall brand strategy and help it determine how to best reflect and communicate this new mission to the museum’s core audience, as well as a broader audience that typically doesn’t visit art museums.

After studying the IMA’s segmentation analysis and performing its own Consumer Immersion with museum aficionados and broader audience members, Y&L recommended giving the name, Newfields, to the IMA’s 152-acre campus. In addition to the brand strategy and name, Y&L crafted Newfields’ identity system and even the core tenets of a visitor’s experience.

Newfields, a Place for Nature and the Arts, will serve as a community destination offering dynamic, relevant and social experiences with both art and nature. The Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Garden, Lilly House and Fairbanks Park will continue to exist as key attractions at Newfields, along with new attractions like Winterlights, which will debut this Fall.

The logo—a sculptural, dimensional N—is designed to showcase the wide range of experiences offered at Newfields. This logo serves as a prism through which to view these experiences, which will promote connection and movement throughout campus, encourage active participation and integrate food and drink.

Newfields will officially debut in early October with a new website.


Client: IMA/Newfields
Agency: Young & Laramore
ECD/ Principal: Carolyn Hadlock
Art Director: Kyle Nordsiek
Designer: Rachel Regan
Senior Writer: Charlie Hopper
President & Chief Strategy Officer: Tom Denari
Vice President, Account Director: Brad Bobenmoyer
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Davis
Associate Account Manager: Cat Watson
Sound Design/ Mix: Earshot Audio Post
Consumer Insight Strategist: Nick Riedle
Senior Consumer Insight Strategist: Kari Peglar

Source: Young & Laramore

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