AXE invites young men into the bath to celebrate their ‘Bathsculinity’ in new campaign by 72andSunny Amsterdam

Men are being urged to indulge their ‘bathsculine’ side in a new campaign created by AXE and 72andSunny Amsterdam that introduces a new word and concept to the world – Bathsculinity.

The US campaign launched with a series of 15-second films starring actor and comedian Lil’ Rel Howery who introduces the concept of Bathsculinity, an attitude for the modern man who is confident being himself – and happy with it – inside and outside of the tub.

In the bathroom, guys are confident being themselves. At a time when young men are constantly living up to outdated expectations of what it means to be a man, AXE wants to inspire young men to be whoever they want to be – and to have fun doing it.

In the films, Lil’ Rel Howery delivers the message direct from the tub, whilst a range of additional influencers also explore their very own ‘Bathsculine’ side in a series of social content.

Still not sure what ‘Bathsculinity’ is? The official definition will also be published on Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary, in an attempt to get ‘Bathsculinity’ officially recognized as the new word of 2019.

The campaign follows hot on the heels of the latest research by AXE/Promundo published on April 8 – ‘The Cost of the Man Box’ – that proves that harmful masculinity has a tangible impact on the economy.

The research finds that dated stereotypes of what it means to be a man, and the behaviours they lead to, are costing the United States $15.7 billion every year.

‘The Cost of the Man Box’ builds on Axe/Promundo’s initial ‘The Man Box’ study published in 2017 that found that over 72% of young guys in the US have been told that a ‘real man’ should behave a certain way.

This new campaign is part of AXE’s mission to help shed outdated views of masculinity that are holding guys back from being their most attractive selves – liberating guys to be themselves by showing there is no one way to be a man.

Caroline Gregory, Global Brand Director at AXE, said: “The campaign is about allowing men to have fun and enjoy themselves, inspiring guys to wash like no one’s watching and bring out their ‘Bathsculine’ side, both inside and outside of the bathroom. We are showing that pampering yourself and celebrating your individuality is beneficial and enjoyable – and certainly makes you no less of a man.”

Adam Koppel, Creative Director at 72andSunny Amsterdam, said: “The purpose of the ‘Bathsculinity’ campaign is to start a new conversation around masculinity in the 21st century about what it really means to be a man. Finally, stereotypes are being recognized for what they are and men are being encouraged to express themselves more freely and to look after themselves.”

Source: 72andSunny Amsterdam

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