BETC and French giant retail leader E. Leclerc present a new positioning through a multiformat campaign

Since its foundation E. Leclerc has aimed at offering a better quality of life for all French people, through their shopping habits.

As part of this they have since a long time moved beyond the initial food offering and can today boast the market’s most competitive prices on anything from petrol, para pharmacy and glasses to jewellery, books and electricity.

In a rapidly changing retail market with new costumer behaviour patterns; a general aspiration for a higher quality of life, extreme environmental concerns and better quality products, the French people are increasingly stuck between the desire for something better and the size of their wallet.

For many people “purchase power” simply rhymes with “no power” and it is with this in mind that E. Leclerc reaffirms its historic mission with BETC around an ambitious promise: Defending all that counts for you

BETC has created an outdoor campaign in the form of 6 giant receipts, highlighting different retail fields wherein E. Leclerc operate, such as traveling, cars, organic products and baby equipment, each one featuring a suitable pun.

The outdoor campaign is accompanied by two 30sec TV ads directed by Xavier Gianolli. The films present essential moments of life that are very much sources of happiness but also of expenses: the arrival of a baby or a going away for a weekend with friends. 

Source: BETC

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