BrandOpus Celebrates Variety with New Cottage Delight Branding

Global branding experts BrandOpus are thrilled to be working with Cottage Delight to relaunch their brand; with a new narrative, brand mark and wider visual identity, including structural design across all packaging formats.

Founded over 40 years ago in Staffordshire, Cottage Delight pride themselves on crafting their products locally by hand. They came to the branding experts to reimagine the entirety of their brand and to more effectively compete with the ever-broadening category within large scale retail such as John Lewis and Lakeland, to small scale farm shops.

BandOpus have defined a new narrative that builds on Cottage Delight’s heritage, moving away from the old-fashioned cues and traditional packaging in order to realise their ambitions of appealing to a wider and younger audience. Moving Cottage Delight from a world of handmade tradition to the celebration of variety and choice.

The new brand visual identity and architecture embraces the idea of celebration, becoming bold and colourful whilst still maintaining its eclectic charm and personality. The agency’s core idea of using bunting on each individual pack, when joined together creates a cohesive and distinctive display.

Created by BrandOpus’ structural team, three bespoke glass structures add to the synergy of the range, with eye-catching custom embossings further heroing the products. Cottage Delight are proud to be celebrating variety, discovery and flavour adventure!

Ellen Munro, Creative Director at BrandOpus said, “Our collaboration with Cottage Delight involved moving away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach and the limited differentiation between its range, creating a harmonious, yet vibrant varied assortment, perfect for proud display in any kitchen.”

Source: BrandOpus

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