Breast Cancer Care launches ‘powerful’ campaign to highlight support role

Breast Cancer Care is launching the first marketing campaign to carry its new orange logo, using ‘powerful and striking’ images of women showing their mastectomy scars to convey its role in supporting cancer sufferers both during and after treatment.

The ads feature pictures of women with their mastectomy scars, aiming to show that it is possible to find confidence after breast cancer. That fits in with the charity’s focus on providing specialist breast cancer support.

Breast Cancer Care’s head of communications and marketing, Jane Heath, says: “The images are meant to be powerful and striking rather than shocking. This campaign is about helping people find confidence after a breast cancer diagnosis and so we felt it was important to show women feeling comfortable with their bodies and with themselves and sharing a little of their experience.

“And yes, to show that we’re here to provide support as a specialist breast cancer support charity.”

The campaign will run outdoors as well as online and in PR. It will include posters in areas where the charity has a strong presence, such as in shopping centres and shop changing rooms, and a push on its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The campaign also carries Breast Cancer Care’s new logo, which dropped pink in favour of orange and uses the strapline “The breast cancer support charity”. The new brand identity is rolling out slowly over the next year, first in a new booklet for patients and this marketing campaign. It will also appear on its website when that is updated early next year and in marketing messages from its corporate sponsors, Asda and Arcadia.

Heath says that both the branding revamp and new marketing campaign are about better explaining what the charity offers. This should ensure its message reaches those that need it, as well as boosting supporter numbers and fundraising activities.

“This campaign is the first we’re running in our new brand and we wanted it to be bold and distinctive to align with our bolder new identity generally,” adds Heath.

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