Demetrios Kontizas becomes Mirum VP of Technology

Demetrios Kontizas has been promoted to Mirum Vice President of Technology with immediate affect.

He will take over as lead for the San Diego office and all technology disciplines from both this premises and Salt Lake City will ladder up to Demetrios in this role.

Amanda Seaford, US CEO, Mirum, says: “Over the past 6 months, in the absence of this role, Demetrios has stepped up when I needed someone to step up. He has managed to build relationships across disciplines when we need people to work together rather than in silos. He has managed to deliver when we need to prove more than ever we can deliver with success. Demetrios has proven that he has the drive, passion, commitment and leadership necessary to take on this challenge. I’m confident he will help us build a great Agency.”

Source: Mirum

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