Hennessy creates animated light installation for Harrods’ window display

iceHennessy has created an animated light installation for Harrods’ luxury window display this October, as the Cognac brand celebrates its 250th anniversary.

Designed by MPC Creative, the ‘Crafted Light’ piece forms part of Hennessy’s overall ‘Crafting the Future since 1785’ birthday campaign and is an evolution of the optical illusion technique known as ‘Persistence of Vision’, where single images give the impression of motion.

To create the effect, screens are fixed together back to back and spun at speed which makes the image appear 3-D. Three distinct sets of graphics have been created to represent different facets of Hennessy: balance, flow and ice.

Hennessy-Harrods-2-WEBMary Rochester Gearing, senior brand manager at Hennessy UK said: “Given the importance of this year, we wanted to create a visionary piece to capture the essence of Hennessy and that embodies the philosophy of crafting the future – MPC Creative have done this perfectly through ‘Crafted Light’.

“Crafting the Future is integral to Hennessy with the eaux de vie selected each year beginning an orchestrated process of maturation that may not see them used for generations when Hennessy’s future tasting committee may choose to blend them. Harrods provides the perfect space to display the installation.”

Crafted Light launched on 1 October and will appear for three weeks.

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