Isobar launches in-housing solution

Isobar, a global digital agency, has launched an in-housing solution to help businesses remodel their marketing approach on their digital transformation journeys. The in-housing solution, ‘Accelerate’ specifically enables clients to fast track their in-house capabilities, offering them a partnership that can quickly respond to business challenges and deliver custom solutions routed in a business’s insights and culture.

This in-housing solution will leverage Isobar’s strategic, technology and creative expertise to jump-start and accelerate client’s in-housing solutions. It will utilise the expertise of Isobar with the convenience of a specialist team deployed on site at a client’s office. The solution has been developed to provide clients with more control, transparency and visibility into their transformation journey, whilst connecting to the power of Isobar’s global network and creative, technology and innovation expertise.

This in-housing solution utilises Isobar’s capabilities across Marketing, Commerce, Products & Service Design and Consultancy offerings to meet a range of client in-housing needs. Isobar has demonstrated the delivery of in-housing projects across global markets, including global airline trade association IATA, in Switzerland and Gas & Oil company OK a.m.b.a., in Denmark.

The global solution will draw from existing resources across Isobar’s 6,500 strong network in Americas, EMEA and APAC, and includes Isobar’s global consultants and technologists. This in-housing solution, ‘Accelerate’ offers four key services to help clients fast track their in-house capabilities:

  • Turnkey solutions to incubate and bootstrap in-house teams, drawing on Isobar’s award-winning experience, capabilities and credentials
  • Expert talent that can extend clients existing teams to help drive strategic initiatives within organisations
  • Consulting services on the processes, training and insights needed for clients to effectively in-house teams
  • Leveraging Isobar’s accelerators and products to enable businesses to increase velocity on clients in-housing their digital transformation journey

Sue McCusker, Global Chief Client Officer, Isobar, “With our in-housing solution, we offer the best of all worlds, with our teams providing leading, award-winning expertise in driving experience-led transformation powered by creativity, technology and data.   The name ‘Accelerate’ reflects the integral role Isobar plays within a company during the marketing in-housing process and how it helps accelerate clients to better marketing efficiencies, transparency and control, to transform a businesses and brands.”

Prashant Mehta, Global Head of Delivery, Isobar, “This is an exciting development for us in delivering more strategic value for our clients, leveraging the fantastic talent and vertical experience we have across disciplines. We are truly proud of the impact that we have already created for our clients globally in their transformation journeys with our in-housing solutions and look forward to being a true partner for our clients.”

Source: Isobar

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