Jameson Makes a Fool Out of Whisky Thieves with New Catchmates Launch

Driven by a belief that whiskey is meant to be shared, not stolen, the leading Irish whiskey has announced the launch of new Jameson Catchmates.

Triple-distilled, twice as smooth and one of a kind, Jameson is now available fitted with Anti-Theft Glittershot Technology to ensure that your whiskey is enjoyed only when you say so.

Jameson drinkers across the world have long voiced their frustrations at having their whiskey stolen, and now, the whiskey makers at Jameson have developed the world’s first glitter-secured whiskey – Jameson Catchmates.

One twist of the cap sees any sip-stealing roommate met with a wave of green glitter, turning their sticky fingers into sparkly ones. Simply put the cap into ‘Glitter Shot Active Mode’ and place Jameson Catchmates wherever you keep your whiskey, to ensure friends who’ve been taking liberties start thinking twice before helping themselves.

Over 10,000 local, hand-crafted emerald green glitter particles have been selected by Jameson (arts and) craftsmen in Midleton, Ireland, and packed into each Jameson Catchmates bottle to ensure maximum coverage of any whiskey-thieving mates.

Once the Anti-Theft Glittershot Technology system is triggered, the glitter is released by the carbon-loaded spring at a speed of 10 meters per second to catch the thieves green-handed.

A few mates have already been caught out and caught on camera, check out the stories below:

Source: Pernod Ricard

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