New Gold Designs by Mr B & Friends Offer a Taste of the Salcombe Lifestyle

Salcombe Brewery has unveiled a new look for its Salcombe Gold beer with a visual identity designed by brand, creative and digital agency Mr B & Friends.

Salcombe Gold comes in a 330ml bottle and forms part of the brewery’s craft beer range, which includes the new Salcombe Pale Ale. It has developed a strong following to match the popularity of other Salcombe Brewery favourites which include Seahorse, Lifesaver, Devon Amber and Shingle Bay.

Using authentic imagery of the harbourside combined with an inviting warm-toned colour palette that reflects the harvest flavours of the beer, the updated design balances a contemporary look with the much-loved scenes that the family owners of the brewery value so highly.

The design builds on the identity positioning of transporting consumers from the humdrum of their daily routines to the carefree Salcombe way of life. With rich colours and aspirational photography the branding supports the premium quality of the beer range.

Commenting on the branding Rob Lewis, Art Director at Mr B & Friends, said, “Salcombe is a really special place and the Salcombe Brewery have already captured a taste of that in their beers. We wanted to continue the story in a visual language that conjured up treasured moments and relaxed times in the picturesque surroundings.”

The agency previously designed the vibrant, fresh Salcombe Pale Ale packaging, while Rob created the Salcombe Brewery Co. signature seahorse logo – another nod to the local credentials, as the Salcombe estuary is home to a rare species of seahorse that thrive in pure water. The sum of the parts is a brand that is rooted in the area, reinforcing the company’s commitment to supporting the region.

The redesign of the Gold bottles follows swiftly on the heels of the launch of Pale Ale this summer, which was timed to celebrate the first anniversary of the new state of the art brewery at Estuary View.

Annie Tiner, Marketing Director of Salcombe Brewery, commented, “We’re incredibly proud of our local surroundings and we’re delighted with the way in which Mr B & Friends has reflected this in the branding for our Salcombe Gold.”

Source: Mr B & Friends

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