Old Spice Uses Instagram Tagging To Create Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Social Game

Working with Wieden + Kennedy, Old Spice has created a wild and wacky choose-your-own-adventure social experience on Instagram.

Using the tagging feature in Instagram, the main Old Spice Instagram account leads to other accounts specially created to tell the story.

Each image, beginning with the one below, contains tags that allow users to select the next occurrence in the story. Clicking one of these tags takes you in one direction. Clicking another takes you in a different direction.

The original post has been liked 1,371 times and commented on 302 times as of the time of this writing.

Some of the links lead to dead ends, albeit humorous ones focusing on witty inside jokes about branding.

The more you click, the further you go and the more wackiness you can experience. Old Spice is letting its fans know about the story via a pinned tweet on Twitter, as well as on its Facebook page:

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