Saatchi New York unveil ‘Getaway’ for Lenovo

As part of “For Those Who Do” campaign, the “Getaway” film involves the consumer in a story centered around the versatility of the new Lenovo Yoga 11S, in the way only Lenovo can.

It’s dark and slightly subversive.  Stylish without being too sleek.  And, best of all, it showcases our single product’s four incredible modes, in a storyline that allows our consumer to interact directly with the product and the campaign’s hero, Lizzie.

“Getaway” isn’t a sequel in the literal sense, but it uses our illustrious heroine from last year’s campaign, “The Pursuit,” and adds to the story. It tells us that she’s gone through incredible measures to capture Lenovo’s technology more than once – in fact, this is her eleventh heist. And now that she’s completed her final mission, she wants to give the tech back to the people – our biggest fans.

The end result is an entertaining piece of film with our incredible technology as the real hero, and a call to our fans to join the story and claim one of Lizzie’s eleven Yoga 11S’s for themselves.

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