Stendahls highlight the plight of plastic pollution in new campaign for The West Coast Foundation

According to a recent report, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. To help stop this rising tide of plastic, The West Coast Foundation in Sweden launches a “rubbish” initiative that targets beach-goers with a simple message: Let’s end littering on our beaches.

It’s election year in Sweden. And with the recent record-breaking heatwaves and unprecedented wild fires during the summer, environmental concerns are top on the agenda.

To highlight one major environmental problem – plastic polluting in our oceans – agency Stendahls redesigns the classic Fish Chart where different types of fish are replaced with plastic items such as water bottles and food cartons.

Billboards displaying the “new” fish chart are placed strategically along popular beachfront locations.

Hopefully, the message will strike a powerful chord with beach-goers. And instead of leaving rubbish behind, they will leave better beaches for future generations to enjoy. The poster is also available for online shopping.

Source: Stendahls

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