‘The Puma Dance Dictionary’ by Grey London

Before there were words, texts, tweets, we had body language.

The Puma ‘Dance Dictionary’ is a new language of dance created to launch the new Puma Sync Fragrances.

A form of non-verbal communication that enables people to speak with their bodies, encrypting words into dance moves.

At the heart of the Dance Dictionary is a unique messaging platform that translates words into dance. A social tool that lets people dance the things they would dare not say.

Each word of the message is converted into a unique dance move and edited together to form a whole sentence. This video can then be shared on social networks or e-mailed to someone directly.

More expressive than a status update. Cooler than a tweet. More flirtatious than text.

Puma Fragrances collaborated with a host of the world’s best freestyle dancers including Storyboard P, King Charles, PacMan, Ron Myles AKA Prime Tyme and Krumpers Big Mijo, Outrage and Worm and A-List Choreographer, Super Dave.

Beyond the message translator, the Dance Dictionary will serve as a comprehensive inventory of Dance moves and their definitions for Freestylers.

Brooklyn based Dancehall producer Dre Skull has collaborated with vocalists Megan James and Popcaan to create a track for the Dance Dictionary which launched last week.

A music video to accompany the track has been shot by multi award winning Director, Daniel Wolf.

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