Upperhand Gin Looks to Defy the Odds with New Branding by BrandOpus

BrandOpus have been working with an intriguing gin brand called Upperhand to launch a distinctive new strategy, visual identity and brand world.

Alberto Borin first came to us in 2018 looking to build a brand that represented his approach to life. Someone who has always had courage in his convictions and as a passionate sportsman he often considered himself an underdog who sought to exceed the expected. BrandOpus wanted their work to encapsulate this strength and desire to take on life from an alternative perspective.

Seeking to keep the story unique the branding experts uncovered that the number 11 had significant meaning in his life. Inspired by never accepting the hand they are dealt, BrandOpus looked to the 11th tarot card, which represents fortitude. Depicted on the card is the story of a maiden who overcame adversity to tame the strength of a Lion. For them this symbolised the ultimate story of an underdog who never accepted the odds.

The Upperhand Gin identity was illustrated in house to embrace the principles of fearlessness, courage and defying conventions. The gin itself goes one step further by bucking the overcomplex trends of the category to deliver a drinking experience which celebrates the excellence of simplicity and is perfect for cocktails and mixing. Continuing to exceed the expected the design house created a brand world for Upperhand which enables the brand to live across multiple touchpoints from website to brand activation across both travel retail and on premise.

Alexandra Hamilton, Strategy Director at BrandOpus says “Upperhand exists to challenge conventions. With the courage to do things differently, the brand has a platform and narrative which stays true to its inner fortitude whilst resonating with our millennial target who to some degree consider themselves the ultimate underdogs. We believe a gin brand which defies category norms and never accepts the odds is the perfect way to cut through the noise of an incredibly crowded category.”

Source: BrandOpus

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